What is the Internet of Things (More Below)

What is internet of things
What is internet of things

What is the Internet of Things – Internet for Everything is a concept that aims to be able to expand the benefits of internet connectivity that has been connected continuously throughout the day. As for its capabilities, for example, such as sharing data, remote control, and many others, including objects that are in the real world.

What is Internet of Things

What is internet of things
What is internet of things

Internet of things is a concept in which an object or object is implanted with certain technologies such as sensors and software with the aim of being able to communicate, control, connect, and exchange data through other devices as long as the device is still connected to the internet.

IoT has a close relationship with the term machine-to-machine or it can also be called M2M. All tools that have M2M communication capabilities are often referred to as smart devices or in English smart devices. This smart device is expected to help human work in completing various existing affairs or tasks to make it easier and able to shorten time.

The benefits of the internet of things in various fields

  1. Agriculture

    For the first time, we will discuss starting from the agricultural sector or it can also be called agriculture. The application of IoT in an agricultural sector can be done in various ways. One of them is in matters of data collection. The data that has been collected can be in the form of temperature, humidity, rainfall, water content in the soil, and monitoring of pests, this is useful so that farmers’ agriculture can become more conducive.

  2. Health
    The second one is in the medical and health sector. In the world of health, the internet of things continues to be developed, then updated as well. It is planned that in the future all examination results can be directly received by existing medical personnel or hospitals. The data that has been sent such as a blood pressure, a history of disease, the disease being experienced by the patient, and many others.
  3. Transportation
    Next to number 3 is the transportation sector. IoT can help humans in the field of integrating, controlling, and processing information – information that exists in a transportation system. The application of the internet of things has developed very rapidly and can be implemented on the engine parts of the vehicle or on the steering functions.
  4. Home automation
    for this fourth section in the home sector. Internet of things devices can also not only be used in business sectors, there are still many uses in other parts, but they can also be used to complete personal needs. You can make your home completely automatic with this internet of things, starting from just turning on the lights, turning on electronic devices, and being able to open the door. These devices are called smart home peripherals or can also be called smart home devices.
  5. Environment
    The last part is the application of some IoT in the environmental sector. Usually, this environmental sector uses the help of IoT applications and devices that use the sophistication of a sensor. Examples include tools that can monitor air quality, tools that can be attached to wild animals in captivity, checking water conditions that are good or bad, and many others. Even the internet of things can also be used for a reminder or early warning system for disasters that will come from far away.

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