What is Node.js? (There are Interesting Features)

What is Node.js? – Have you ever used the LinkedIn, Netflix, and Trello applications? If you have ever used the application, then the application was built on the basis of Node.js programming. Nodejs is a platform that is widely used for website application development.

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What is Node.js?

For beginners in the IT or programming field, there are some who think that nodejs is just an ordinary framework. In fact, Node.js is a runtime environment for JavaScript that is open source and platform class. With Node.js, you can run JavaScript code anywhere, not limited to the browser environment.

Node JS is built using Google’s V8 JavaScript Engine. And this makes Node.js have a fairly high performance. This platform also has its own library which does not need to use the NGINX webserver and also Apache.

How Node Works. js

  1. The client will send a request to the webserver to interact with the web application. Requests that can be used are blocking or non-blocking, for example, deleting and updating data.
  2. Node.js will take the incoming request, then add it to the Event Queue.
  3. The requests will then be forwarded one by one through the Event Loop and will be checked if the request is simple enough. So it will not require any external resources.
  4. The Event Loop will process simple requests (non-blocking operations), such as polling I/O.
  5. One by one thread of the thread will be assigned to the complex request. And this Thread is responsible for completing Specific Blocking requests.
  6. After the task is completed, the response is sent to the Event Loop which in turn is used to send the response back to the client.

Advantages of Node.js

  • Can execute code very fast
  • Provides various JavaScript libraries/modules that help simplify web development
  • Help the server to respond asynchronously so that it becomes more scalable
  • Gives more freedom to build everything from scratch in your own way

So, those are some of the advantages of Node.Js that we can convey. Hopefully you can get to know Node.js more easily after reading the article or discussion above.