What is Internet Protocol (More Information Below)

what is internet protocol
what is internet protocol

What is Internet Protocol – Internet protocol is a network layer protocol or internetwork layer protocol that is intentionally used by the TCP or IP protocols to be able to address and route data packets between hosts and hosts on the TCP or IP-based computer network section.

What is Internet Protocol

what is internet protocol
what is internet protocol

The IP protocol is one of the key protocols in the TCP or IP protocol suite. An IP packet that will carry actual data that is intentionally sent over the network from one point to another. The method currently implemented is connectionless which means it does not need to create and maintain a connection session. In addition, this protocol cannot guarantee the delivery of data, but this has been submitted to protocols at a higher protocol layer (transport layer in the OSI Reference Model or simply the inter-host layer in the DARPA Reference Model), namely the Transmission Control protocol. Protocols (TCP).

IP datagrams

  1. IP headers

    The size of the IP header varies greatly, ranging in size from the smallest size of 20 to 60 bytes, in 4-byte increments. IP headers have provided support for network mapping (routing), IP payload identification, IP header and IP datagram sizes, fragmentation support, and IP options.

  2. IP Payload
    Before being sent to the inside of a network channel, the IP datagram will be wrapped first using the network interface layer protocol header and its trailers, to be able to create a network frame.

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