What is AngularJS? (Come on, read the article!)

What is AngularJS?– The Angular js framework was created and developed in 2009 by Misko Hervey and Adam Arbrons. Currently, the business of maintaining or managing has been done by Google. Which makes Angular js has a lot of fans. In this article you will find out the meaning, features and functions, so keep reading this article.

What is AngularJS?

Angular js is one type of framework from JavaScript that can use the Model View Controller method and which is currently managed by google. Where my MVC method has a function as my method that can make it easier for applications to be developed and cleaned.

Can you also mean that Angular js is a framework framework that has open source properties in its use, it is free to be developed and implemented by anyone. Therefore, many developers around the world are already using this framework as an application development or a website.

Management is carried out by Google because it makes this framework reliable and has high performance. In addition, this site is officially used to make it easier for users in the morning by providing a guide or user manual. Angular JS is a font-end that is used to build single page applications.

Key features of Angular js

  1. Has an efficient JavaScript programming language for building RIA (Rich Internet Applications).
  2. Using the MVC method which makes it easy to write an application.
  3. Reads javascript code automatically which also makes it easy to make adjustments to the web browser.
  4. Angular JS which is free and has many users and enthusiasts.

Angular js function

The function that is already owned by Angular JS is to become a framework that has been applied to a website. By using Java Script code and has the function to develop, and maintain a website.

Ease of management that helps developers work easier by managing websites. Therefore, in its application it is free and also free which will make it easier for anyone who wants to manage a website with ease.


So, angular js is a javascript framework that has its own functions and advantages. And in choosing this framework, it is often used by various developers around the world.