What is Android 12 (You Must Know!)

What is Android 12
What is Android 12

What is Android 12 – Android 12, launched on the Pixel 6 series, is one of Google’s biggest efforts in years with a number of new features, paving the way for Android 13. It introduces the Material You design language, revised notification features, and more, giving Android fresh new feel.

What is Android 12

Android 12
Android 12

What is Android 12

Each OEM will release a version of Android 12 with their own skin at a different time. Be sure to visit our update tracker for more info on when your phone might receive the update.

The big story is the massive redesign for Android 12. The new design, Material You, combines several elements into one cohesive design language that works across the OS. Let’s dive into each section individually.

Color extraction is the base coat of paint in the new redesign. Basically, the OS natively extracts colors from your wallpaper and uses them to theme your OS. You can see how it looks in the screenshot above. In short, you set the wallpaper, Android 12 extracts the colors, and then your OS has some color from it.

The color change occurs throughout the OS, including Settings, Quick Settings tiles, and any apps with your supported Content. On Pixel devices, examples include the dialer, contacts app, and calculator. It even works with widgets too, as shown in the video at the top of the article. We’ll see more as developers start adding support.

The following is New Features in Android 12

  • Swipe screenshot
  • App Search
  • Improved auto rotation
  • Easier Wi-Fi sharing
  • One-handed mode
  • Rich content insertion
  • Audio selection in media player
  • Overview suggestions

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