What is ActionScript?

What is ActionScript? ActionScript is a computer programming language based on ECMAScripr. ECMAScripr is used in the development of websites and software that can use the Adobe Flash Player platform. ActionScript This is also usually used in some database applications, To be used on Five and Alpha.

Language ActionScript it was also originally developed by Macromedia. However, over time, which began to develop, Adobe finally continued by buying Macromedia in 2005. ActionScript Also the most recent at this time is the version ActionScript 3.0..

In Indonesia alone the use of ActionScript This is very popular among Flash-based developers. That’s a complete explanation of what a programming language is which is quite popular among developers and programmers alike. ActionScript also used to make animations more interactive so that users can play a more active role using the keyboard and mouse to jump on other mives.

You can use ActionScript this is to create something like an animation that you might want to create and then you develop. ActionScript also has several functions, namely animation, which is a simple animation that does not require ActionScript but for complex animations and it will be very helpful if you use it.

The second is Navigation movement animation on flash by default that moves

action script images
action script images

on the front from one frame to another until the end. Then User Input ActionScript can also be used to receive an input from the user which then the information is sent to the server for processing. Create dynamic sites or programs that can be combined with other languages.

From the explanation above, it can be explained that the programming language ActionScript is a programming language based on ECMAScript that can be used in the development of websites and software using the Adobe Flash Player platform. ActionScript and is also used in some database applications such as Alpha Five.

Well, that’s a brief explanation of What is ActionScript?. If there is a word error and also a typo, please forgive me. Thank you:)

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