What is Visual Basic?

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What is Visual Basic? Visual Basic is a programming language that offers a visual Integrated Development Environment for creating programs. This software is based on the Microsoft Windows operating system using a programming model. Visual Basic is a derivative of the BASIC programming language and also offers very fast graphics-based computer software development.

Bill Gates is a Microsoft founder who started his business in software by developing software interpreter Basic language for Altair 8800. Then he changed it to run on IBM PC with DOS operating system. The next development is the direct launch by BASICA (basic-advanced) for DOS. After BASICA, Microsoft also launched Microsoft QuickBasic and Microsoft Basic (also known as Basic Compiler).

Features in Visual Basic

  1. Object Orientation.
  2. Auto Code.
  3. Simple Multithreading.
  4. Complete Attributes.
  5. Windows Forms.

Advantages of Visual Basic

  1. VB.Net can be formatted automatically making it easier for programmers.
  2. There are also object-oriented constructs so you can code enterprise classes.
  3. Features on the modern web with performance counters, logs, to the file system.
  4. A web form is also available so you can enjoy the abilities drag and drop to replace the required elements.
  5. Easily connect apps to other apps.

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    visual basic image

Visual Basic or what is usually short with VB includes a variety of visual tools that can be used to create a continuous application. GUI (Graphical User Interface) in Visual Basic also expanded so that VB is not just a programming language. But it also includes various library which is useful for creating object-oriented programs. The program also involves large development teams that can work on projects simultaneously. Unfortunately, many developers until now have underestimated the Visual Basic because it is still considered ancient.

Visual Basic very easy if you want to try it. In addition, at the time of writing the code is also not complicated so it is easier for you to learn. Well, that’s just a brief explanation of What is Visual Basic?. If you have trouble reading it, please forgive me.

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