What is CodeIgniter (Prospective Programmers Must Know)

what is codeigniter
what is codeigniter

What is CodeIgniter – CodeIgniter is an open source application in the form of frameworks from the PHP programming language with the MVC model to be able to build a dynamic website using the PHP programming language. CodeIgniter can make it easier for website developers to be able to create website applications quickly and easily compared to those who made them from scratch.

What is CodeIgniter


CodeIgniter is a special framework for website and application development that has been present as an open-source platform. This application has been created for developers who want to build websites using the PHP programming language. The purpose of the CodeIgniter application is so that developers can develop their projects much more easily and quickly. According to CodeIgniter’s own internal developers, performance of a developer is usually long because they have to write code from scratch. As a result, they provide a built-in-library, which contains hundreds of templates and solutions to tasks that a professional developer usually has to do. Not only that, CodeIgniter has also provided UIs as well as a simple and logical structure to be able to access this built-in-library.

Features of CodeIgniter

  1. MVC
    The main feature that has been considered to be raising the name of CodeIgniter is MVC or what can be called the Model-View-Controller architecture. MVC is standard industry practice when working with a web application. MVC which serves to separate data – data, business logic, and presentation in an application.
  2. Built-in-library
    In this built-in-library feature, users can find various solutions related to coding, as well as interesting books, tutorials and user guides about CodeIgniter. This means whatever challenges you’ve all had, chances are that someone has already encountered the problem, solved it, and put the solution to work in this built-in-library. In other words, the CodeIgniter developer has a complete documentation about the workings of his application system and about the world of PHP programming language development.

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