What is Ruby?

What is Ruby? Ruby is an object-oriented, script-based dynamic programming language. The purpose of Ruby which combines the advantages of all script programming languages ​​that exist in this world. Ruby It is also written in the C programming language with basic capabilities such as Perl and Python. And designed directly by Yukihiro Matsumoto. Released in 1995.

Ruby first created by a Japanese programmer named Yukihiro Matsumoto. In 1993 Yukihiro wanted to create a scripting language that had object orientation capabilities. At that time object-oriented programming was developing but there was no scripting programming language that really supports object programming.

Features of Ruby

  1. Ruby ie Opensource and available for free on the web.
  2. Ruby It also has a very general purpose for interpreting programming languages.
  3. Ruby can be used to write scripts on the Common Gateway Interface (CGI).
  4. Ruby can also be used for developing internet and internet applications.
  5. Ruby you can install it on Windows and POSIX environments.
  6. Ruby is “Programmer’s Best Friend

Writing Ruby started in February 1993 and in December 1994 an alpha version was released again in Ruby. Early in Ruby’s development, Yukihiro wrote that Ruby itself until 1996 had formed a Ruby community that contributed a lot to its development Ruby the.

ruby images
ruby images

Has a fairly good exception handling and also has a gaebafe collector that will automatically delete unused information from the memory. At this point you should learn about the data types that exist in programming languages Ruby. Just like any other programming language Ruby itself has data types such as String, Float, Integer, Boolean and String. You can use this programming language on websites and other android applications.

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