What is Perl?

What is Perl? Perl is a programming language for all purposes and was also first developed by Larry Wall on Unix machines. Perl was also first released on December 18, 1987 which was marked by the release of Perl 1. Larry Wall also asserted that the programming language he had created was named Perl (with a large P), while need (with a small p) is a name for the program interpreter which can run source code written in Perl.

Features in Perl

  1. Powerful String Processing.
  2. Supports regular expressions.
  3. Get process languages ​​around the world.
  4. Multidimensional data structures are available.
  5. Extensiveness of the syntax arrangement.
  6. There are also many operating systems in it.
  7. A scripting language that has a very high processing speed.
  8. Get support for object-oriented programming.

It was only recently that Larry Wall gave an extension Practical Extraction and Reporting Language. Perhaps because it seems serious and very relevant, this abbreviation is often incorrectly referred to as the official abbreviation of Perl. Maybe there’s a way to prevent misunderstandings or because Larry Wall just likes to joke around. He announced that another abbreviation, namely Pathologically Eclectic Rubbish Lister.

image perl
image perl

And the newest one is People Excel at Relational Labor. To illustrate that development Perl inseparable from community involvement and commitment. Processing on the text is also very good at handling text. Their programming language is very powerful. Has very strong support for various functional programming languages. Perl also has several types divided into 3 types, namely: SKALAR, ARRAY and HASH.

The symbols on the Perl is Camel. Which has been directly published by O’Reilly Media has a front cover with a picture of a Camel. After that the book was known to him as Camel Book. This camel image was then widely used as a symbol of Perl the.

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