What is CI

What is CI – Software engineering, CI/CD or CICD is a combined practice that stems from continuous integration and continuous delivery or continuous deployment.

What is CI


Continuous integration (CI) is integrating a code into a code repository and then running various tests automatically, quickly, and frequently. You can do this CI by using the commit command. While continuous delivery or continuous deployment (CD) is a practice that will be carried out after the CI process is complete and all verified code is successfully integrated, so that applications can be built and released automatically. This CI/CD pipeline is very common to be used in software development. This CI/CD pipeline has become a liaison between the development team and the operational team, in which there are three phases, namely continuous integration, then continuous delivery, and continuous deployment. These three phases will be carried out continuously and automatically to get reliable and bug-free software.

CI Benefits

  1. Get feedback fastert

    In using this CI/CD pipeline, the code will be tested simultaneously so that the development process of this software can run in a balanced manner.

  2. Can detect bugs faster

    As has been said before, this CI/CD works by testing automatically not manually, so that if a bug appears in the application system that has been developed, it will be automatically detected by the CI tool. Developers can also be easily found and bugs will be fixed.

  3. Can speed up the release process

    The release process of an application is very possible to be accelerated. This is due to the code – the code is constantly combined and will be implemented into a product, so that the application is always in a state ready to be released at any time.

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