What is Adobe InDesign? (Definition, Uses and Features)

What is Adobe InDesign? – For graphic designers or Visual Designers, Adobe InDesign is one of the software that must be used and studied. This software is needed if you have to create a design for print media and anything that requires layout settings. Want to know more about the usability, advantages and features of the Adobe Indesign.

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What is Adobe InDesign?

Adobe Design is a software that is intended to unify and arrange a layout in a design. Designs are created and shown for print and digital media, the point is that you can compose a layout and graphic assets that are already in Adobe Indesign. You can also use it as needed.

Usefulness of Software Adobe Indesign

The main function of Adobe Indesign is to arrange the layout of a visual media. At first glance, many people may think that InDesign is the same as Adobe Illustrator or it could even be confused. Illustrator is used to create an illustration from scratch (be it a logo or other typography). While on the other hand InDesign is used to create a layout from the assets that were previously created by illustrator.

Advantages of Adobe InDesign

  1. Can be used to make anything
  2. Various templates and stock assets available
  3. Easy for collaboration

Adobe InDesign Features

  1. Mater PageThis feature is used for automatic numbering if the created document contains more than one page.
  2. Editing in elementsYou can do this but it is recommended that you change it before the layout so that the quality is maintained.
  3. PresetsAnother feature is Presets which have functions for each size in documents and templates that you can choose.

So from a fairly complete explanation above, we can conclude that. Adobe InDesign is a reliable software when you have to create a layout for any media. The point is that in Adobe InDesign you can only adjust the layout and of course you can’t make software from scratch.

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