What is Microsoft Visual Studio? (Attractive Advantages and Features!)

What is Microsoft Visual Studio? – Hi! friends, Have you ever known the tools used to make computer software?. Maybe only a few people know it, especially those who have a basic in the IT field. The tool used is a “code editor”, a tool that is mandatory and must be owned by a software developer.

What is Microsoft Visual Studio?

Visual studio is a free code editor owned by Microsoft that you can use on Windows, Linux and Mac OS devices. This platform is also often called VSCode. You can use Visual Studio for software development on computers, mobile applications, and even web services.

The difference with Microsoft Visual Basic is that if Visual Basic is usually called in a programming language, it has an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) feature. Which is used to create Windows based software programming.

While Microsoft Visual Studio is a complete software (suite) that you can use to create various applications. Visual Studio already contains the Software Development Kit (SDK).

Features in Visual Studio

  • cross platform, This first feature is used for different platforms like Windows, Linux and MacOS.
  • debug, Debugging is an important feature before the application is actually finished.
  • CollaborateThis feature allows you to create and build projects with the ability for online work collaboration.
  • Extendthis feature is used to add additional extensions that other code editors don’t have.
  • GitHub Integration, GitHub is the world’s largest programming project management platform.

Advantages of Visual Studio

  1. Free to use, then Visual Studio is the right choice for those of you who need a free code editor.
  2. Supports Many Platforms, As explained above that Visual Studio supports different operating systems.
  3. Supports Various Languages, Visual Studio has many language support so that it can help you to develop software.
  4. Complete Features, Complete features and also the extensions that are already in it.
  5. Fast Performance, This happens because elstension has been optimized beforehand so it doesn’t interfere with the performance of the main code editor.

Well, that’s my discussion this time, I hope you can learn clearly in order to know Visual Studio.