What is IrfanView?

What is IrfanView? IrfanView is a free multimedia software for personal and non-commercial use. IrfanView can run on Microsoft Windows 2000 SP 4 to Windows 10 operating systems. Older versions on IrfanView supports Windows. In addition, it also has a basic function as an image viewer as well as Windows Photo Viewer default application on Microsoft Windows.

IrfanView also has additional features such as basic image processing features rotate, crop, resize, convert, insert text on images to give certain effects to images. From the many variations of the image file formats, the screen capture feature is also a feature for scanning images.

IrfanView this is also an application that has a small size and many features that they created and developed in 1996. With this small application you will get various features from processing photos to playing videos in various formats. Weaknesses that can be obtained from IrfanView this is not used to create images like paint applications. But with a very small size it has many interesting features that can represent some multimedia applications.

irfanview image
irfanview image

Very cool features are found in IrfanView That is the Image Effects Browser which allows you to blur your photos or other parts. Along with brushes and lines you can get a feature that allows to rotate the image at a rate with the lines you can draw. IrfanView It is very easy to use and can be installed or run with external media.

Logo and mascot of IrfanView himself a cat that was run over in the street. The 16-pixel computer has tire tracks running through the caricature. The 32-pixel icon has no tire marks, while the 48-pixel icon has a gradient along the length of the cat’s body.

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