What is an API (Programmers Must Know This)

what is fire
what is fire

What are APIs – The application programming interface is an interpreter of communication between the client and the server to simplify implementation and also to improve software. Can also be interpreted as a set – a set of commands, functions, and protocols that can be used by programmers when building software to be able to system certain operations.

What is API


API is an abbreviation of Application Programming Interface. API itself is an interface that can connect one application to another. In other words, the role of this API is as an intermediary between various different applications, both within the same platform or across platforms. An example that can be used to explain the API is that of a waiter in a restaurant. The job of this waiter is to connect restaurant guests with the cook. It could be said, guests simply order food according to the existing menu list and the waiter will notify the cook. In the future, the waiter will return to the guest with the food that has been prepared according to the customer’s order.

API Type

  1. Public API
    Public APIs are often referred to as Open APIs. As the name implies, Public API is a type of API that can be used by anyone in a cross platform.
  2. Private API
    API from the back end that is used to be able to access the front end of a web. Or it can also be used for the development of mobile applications.
  3. API partners

    API partners can be used to carry out public interests but only to those who already have permission to use them.
  4. Composite APIComposite API is a type of API that stores data from various servers or from various hostings in the same place. Which of course, it is very useful to save time for users. This happens because users can get various types of data in just one access.

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