What is Adobe Lightroom (Let’s Get To Know First!)

Adobe Lightroom
Adobe Lightroom

What is Adobe Lightroom – Hello friends, meet us again. how are you today? We hope you are always in good health. In this article, we will discuss something that is closely related to the editing world. That is about one of the photo editing software from adobe, Adobe Lightroom. We will discuss one by one starting from what Adobe Lightroom is, and what advantages it has.

Photo editing and image manipulation has become a natural thing in the world of photography. The process of editing and manipulating images is intended to obtain more beautiful and maximum photos. You need to know, to do the photo editing process you don’t have to use a computer, but you can also use a mobile device that you usually use.

Understanding Adobe Lightroom


As stated earlier, lightroom is a photo editing and manipulation application that you can use for free without having to upgrade to the premium level. This software is specially designed for the world of photography. Generally, photographers use this application to retouch and play color gradations to give certain effects.

Advantages of Adobe lightroom

The following are some of the advantages of the Adobe Lightroom editing application:

  1. Complete Tool Facilities. This application provides a variety of tools such as contrast, highlight, saturation, vibration, texture, and others which will be combined by the photographer.
  2. Cloud Storage. With this feature, you can access your projects or photos anytime and anywhere. Cloud capacity of 100 GB.
  3. Ease of display interface. New users will not be confused by the tools and menus available in Lightroom, because it looks quite simple and easy to understand.
  4. Draft History. Lightroom will save drafts and photo editing history after you make edits. So, your edits will not be lost even if you close and turn off the device you are using.
  5. Supports RAW File Formats. The RAW format will capture image data that has been recorded by the camera sensor. This feature is usually very favored by professional photographers.

So much information that we can convey, hopefully useful, thank you.