What is Composer? (Watch How Comores Work!)

What is Composer? – For those who have entered the world of programming, especially PHP, they must already know what Composer is. However, if you are a beginner in programming, maybe you are not familiar with the tool. This PHP dependency manager, Composer in short, is an application to make the PHP coding process more structured and neat.

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What is Composer?

Composer is a dependency manager tool for the PHP programming language. In other words, Composer is an application that is installed into the device to facilitate developers using open source libraries. In a PHP project, the use of libraries makes it very easy for you to write code. However, libraries need each other in order to be used.

Composer helps manage dependencies or use of libraries outside of a PHP project. The process of writing code will be faster and structured because of its ability to manage the installation and update of the libraries used.

Why do developers need to use a dependency manager? because, programmers need dependencies to make it easier to work on a project.

How Composer works

  1. Composer will help find available packages on packagist.
  2. Before downloading the required libraries composer will check a few things.
  3. After the inspection process is complete composer will download the required libraries into the project in the directory.

Why should you use Composer?

The presence of Composer as a dependency manager tool makes project development much easier. The features needed to create a project will take a long time if everything is made yourself from scratch. Composer will help you to get other people’s libraries. So that it can be used in projects that are being created. As long as it is executed correctly, this can also reduce the occurrence of errors in the process of writing code.

The essence of composites is an application that makes it easy for developers to manage libraries used in PHP projects. Comores is also a dependency manager whose job is to connect PHP projects with External Libraries needed to create projects.

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