What is Xcode?

What is Xcode? Xcode is Apple’s integrated development environment for macOS, used to develop software for macOS, iOS, iPadOS, watchOS, and also tvOS. It was originally released in late 2003. It was then released again on September 26, 2022, via the Mac App Store with macOS Monterey. They also still use the C programming language.

Example of Coding Tools in Xcode

  1. Debug, which is a mandatory feature in all IDE software including Xcode.
  2. Navigator, Project resource provider.
  3. Inspector, Functions to inspect and adjust interface elements.
  4. Editor, the most important tool of Xcode it to write Swift code.
  5. Simulator, Equipped with play and stop buttons for useful dropdown items as simulators.
  6. Status Bar, Located at the top middle position of Xcode.
  7. View, Equipped with various view buttons that are there.


Simply put, AndroidStudio is an IDE for android apps then Xcode is an IDE for iOS applications. Xcode also has many tools for the development process such as device management, debugger, UI creator, profiling tools, source control, documentation and so on. Too bad too Xcode can only be run on macOS systems only. Although currently there may also be alternative Xcode tutorials available for non-macOS platforms, usually Xcode’s performance will still not be optimal.

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