What is Swift?

What is Swift? Swift is a programming language as a functional object for the development of iOS and also OS X created directly by Apple. And it is designed directly to co-exist with objective-C as well to avoid the program from erroneous code.

Swift it has also been introduced by Apple at the annual WWDC 2014 event. It was released live on June 2, 2014 exactly 8 years ago. Swift it is built with the LLVM compiler which is also included in Xcode 6 beta. A book containing 500 pages of instructions The Swift Programming Language. Released at the same time as WWDC, and also available for free at iBooks.

Advantages of Swift

  1. Modernis a language that was recently born in programming languages Swift.
  2. Safenamely programming languages ​​that have been claimed to be safer because they do not have a code group that is likely to be damaged by irresponsible people.
  3. FastOf course, you are already familiar with Compiling which acts as the process of reading the programming language by the computer.
  4. EasyCan pave the way to programming skills.
  5. Open sourceprogramming language Swift built together to chat rooms and for developers themselves too.
  6. Supports Objective-C, Swift can also run in tandem with the Objective-C language and API.

    swift images
    swift images

Swift is a programming language objectoriented. Launching from G2 Learning Hub they are also built for products from Apple. These programming languages ​​are designed to work together framework Cocoa from Apple. Besides that, the basis of this language is Objective-C. For this reason, C, Objective-C, and C++ can run with Swift in the same program.

Prototypr said, This programming language is still very young. They also don’t have too much library and still have holes here and there. For this reason it is also very “liquid”. And also the latest version released there are many major changes. It also makes language programs Swift must continue to be adapted to the new version. This process, of course, takes a lot of time and a lot of energy.

Well, that’s a brief explanation of What is Swift?. If you have trouble reading, please forgive me. Thanks.

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