What is Kotlin?

What is Kotlin? Kotlin is a programming language with static typing that runs on a Java virtual machine or uses the LLVM compiler that you can combine. In the form of JavaScript source code. The main development comes from a team of programmers from Russia-based JetBrains.

Designed directly by JetBrains. Released in 2011 and growing on open system contributors. In July 2011, JetBrains launched Project Kotlin which is a new language for the JVM. Which has been developed for one year and is also led by JetBrains Dmitry Jemerov which says that most languages ​​don’t have the features they can look for, except Scala.

Advantages of Kotlin

  1. Guaranteed code security, Kotlin also has a 20% lower chance of error due to a mechanism that protects the error code.
  2. Easy and very Compact, It has less code than other programming languages ​​for one very same command line code.
  3. multiplatform, Kotlin can also communicate with each other and exchange information across platforms.

    kotlin images
    kotlin images

Kotlin is also a programming language that is currently being developed. Besides that too kotlin a Google product that is generally focused on security and is interoperable multiplatform. Language used kotlin is a programming language designed for Java Virtual Machine (JVM) as well as Android. So therefore, kotlin it can also incorporate programming features based on functions and objects.

In this case too kotlin is a statically typed language (statically typed). Language kotlin also easy steps for programmers who are familiar with the use of Java. This is because the entire code can also be applied using the system. In addition, if you experience difficulties while working, you can seek help from the community as a practical option.

Well, that’s a brief explanation of What is Kotlin?. If you have difficulty reading or make mistakes in structuring sentences, please forgive me. Thanks.

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