Know What is Photopea (You Must Know!)

Photopea Photoshop
Photopea Photoshop

Know What is Photopea – Hi friends, meet us again. how are you today? We hope you are always in good condition. In this article, we will discuss about one of the Photoshop software, namely Photopea. In this discussion, we will explain in detail what photopea is, the features it provides, along with the photopea interface.

What is Photopea?

Photopea Photoshop
Photopea Photoshop

As previously mentioned, photopea is one of the free photoshop applications that run online. The Photopea application can be a solution for those of you who like to edit images. You don’t need to go deep into the field of design and editing to be able to turn your images into beautiful ones, just understand the basic features and tools that are generally used in the editing process.

By using Photopea, you can edit your images for free and don’t have to bother downloading and installing them. You can access this Photoshop online on the official website photopea.

Photopea’s Featured Features

Photopea presents excellent features that definitely make this application superior to other Photoshop applications

  1. Free, The first advantage is that it is free. You need to know, not everyone who wants to edit photos needs photoshop which is accompanied by advanced features, and not everyone needs photoshop like Adobe which makes users obliged to pay a lot to be able to run the editor application.
  2. Easily Accessible, You can access the Photoshop Photopea application in various ways, for example through a browser, browser, android device or tablet. You can even use this application without an internet connection. Basically this application only requires an internet connection to be able to open it.
  3. Import and Export using multiple formatsThis Photoshop application allows you to open and edit files using various types of formats. You can open files in PSD, AI, XD, Sketch, PDF, JPG, PNG, and GIF formats.
  4. Other Features, photopea offers a layout format that does not exist in adobe photoshop. You can import Excel spreadsheets to create infographics.

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