What is Shareware?

What is Shareware? Shareware is a shared software which refers to a proprietary software that has been provided to users without paying a trial basis and is often limited by a combination of functionality, availability or convenience. Shareware it is also often offered as a download from a website or as a compact disc accompanied by a reading such as a newspaper or magazine.

The first time the emergence of this software began to develop in 1982 by Andrew Fluegelman by creating a telecommunications program called PC-Talk on the IBM PC. It is in the process of making this software that the term can be coined Shareware for the description of software models that have been supported by users and pioneered by Fluegelman and Knopf.

Types of Shareware

  • adware, Which will basically show ads as revenue for the program developer.
  • demoware, This shareware is also a trial version of the software that has provided a demo or software trial that provides a demo or trial of the program.
  • donationware, Software that provides complete features to its users.
  • Nagware, The type of program or application that will regularly display notifications to users to pay for the software before the trial period ends.
  • freemium, This type of software provides a very complete version of the software.


Shareware this includes proprietary software. If you want to use this software without restrictions then you are also advised to buy a license from the developer. In general, all shareware software does have an expiration date for free use trial. For example on software that has a free trial period of 30 days. So it can be said that only certain features can be accessed in the actual application and are not fully functional.

The reason behind the software share or what we usually call Shareware it may also give the purchaser the opportunity to try using the program before purchasing a license for the full version of the shared software.

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