What is the History of WordPress? (Learn the History First!)

What is the History of WordPress? – Hearing the name WordPress, maybe you are already familiar, especially for the users blogger. However, for some others, they may still lack in knowing what WordPress is and what the history of WordPress is. By and large, WordPress is an application open source which can be created using programming languages ​​such as PHP language and MySQL database. That said, WordPress is tools vitals used to make various kinds website.

WordPress History and Development

The history of WordPress began in 2003 when it was developed by two people developer which name is Matt Mullenweg and Mike Little. Second developer they find it difficult because they do not have publishing by on line. Especially when the B2 or feature Cafeblog has been discontinued. Then they started developing a publication service on line through their own way. In 2004, Mulleweg and Little started releasing their first version of the WordPress service. This early generation of WordPress is very simple, although there are features that have been maintained until now, namely the WordPress editor.

From year to year WordPress is growing and also brings advanced features in it. In fact, WordPress has two different addresses that you can use according to your needs, namely WordPress.com and WordPress.org. Both have significant differences. WordPress.com is made for users who want to have a personal blog and website address in a faster way. While WordPress.org is intended for users who want modifications according to their needs and use the address on the site and server alone.

Facts About WordPress

  • First existed than other social media

WordPress was much earlier in the internet world. Facebook was launched in 2004, while Twitter was born two years later, namely in 2006.

WordPress is present in the community without an official CEO and is only run by developer best from all over the world.

  • Multiple languages ​​that can be used

Another advantage is that it provides 60 languages ​​so that it can be used by anyone very easily. In addition to language, WordPress also has interesting themes. So, it’s not uncommon for companies, the government sector, and even foreign celebrities to use it.

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