What is Solaris?

What is Solaris? Solaris is an operating system from the Unix family which was first developed directly by Sun Microsystems in 1992. And also targeted for server and cloud computing purposes. Solaris is also listed as a Single UNIX compliant operating system. Released in 1992.

Until now still use the C programming language and also C + +. Solaris is also a product that is tightly integrated with machines based on SPARC processors. This includes support for 64-bit SPARC applications since Solaris 7. which has been marketed as a bundled package.

Solaris also has a pretty good reputation for symmetric multiprocessing. Which supports a large number of CPUs running in parallel. Solaris has also supported x86-based processors since Solaris 2.1 and later versions. Solaris 10 also supports 64-bit x86 applications, allowing Sun to take advantage of market share. What exists is the availability of commodity 64-bit processors based on the x86-64 architecture.


Advantages of Solaris

  1. Free from distribution.
  2. System restore is similar to restore on your windows.
  3. Virtualization in various forms.
  4. The scalability of oracle solaris is also very high.
  5. Stable file system.

Disadvantages of Solaris

  1. The required paid version is very expensive.
  2. Permissions granted are also lacking.
  3. Drivers on the hardware are also really lacking.

Solaris also has a very significant function that can be used as an operating system that can run on various existing hardware architectures. With the various versions of the software, it also requires an operating system to run its activities.

Solaris This turns out to be taken from the Greek, namely Sun according to the logo symbolizing the sun which is usually known as Sun Solaris. Its standard specifications set by Single Unix Specification can be fulfilled by oracle solaris. Where all the program code that has been developed to form the solaris oracle is the program code under the CDDL license.

Well, that was a brief explanation about What is Solaris?. If you find you find the words are unclear or wrong in typing, please forgive. Thank you:)

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