What is Go in a Programming Language? (Listen… )

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What is Go in a Programming Language? Go is an open source programming language that is very easy and simple to use. Besides that Go also has the exact same level as Java. Namely a programming language compiled and typed in the C language. With garbage collection features, Structured writes, Memory security as well as concurrent and sequential programming.

Why was Go created?

Because there are many programming languages ​​to choose from nowadays. Each language has its own advantages and also has a different style. A programming language can be dedicated to a single task such as Common Business Oriented Language(COBOL) or can also be used for general purposes such as Java or Javascript on Node.

Go It also turns out that it can also be called GoLang which was created directly by Google and the development team in 2009. GoLang is also a programming language that is free when users use it. The compiler in Go was prefixed and written in C language, but now the Go compiler is written in its own language, Go.


Functions in the Go/GoLang Programming Language

  1. Can help and build a more scalable development team.
  2. Can develop online-based storage technology with very large storage media.
  3. Designing web-based applications that have high security.
  4. Can build a system that has high performance and is more complex.
  5. Can develop server code on web server networks and microservices.

It turns out Go It also has a Garbage Collector feature which can provide a very easy management system. When compared to other programming languages, GoLang can easily collect in one garbage collector. Go also provides notification if in the compilation process an error occurs in typing will be assisted.

Basically Go this is a programming language innovation from Google that can excel in reliability, flexibility. And also speed to simplify the process.

Well, that’s a brief explanation of What is Go in a Programming Language?. If you find a sentence that is unclear or wrong in typing, please forgive me.

Thank you:)