What is Figma? (Come on, see the article)

What is Figma? – Figma was created specifically to help users collaborate on projects and work in teams anywhere. While this tool is very similar to other prototyping options such as Sketch, Adobe XD and others, the main difference is its ability to work as a team.

Then, What is Figma?

Figma is an editor with vector graphics and web-based prototyping tools as well as additional offline features that the desktop application already enables. Mac OS as well as Windows. Companion app. Figma Mirror for Android and iOS users makes it possible to view existing Figma prototypes on mobile devices. The Figma feature set focuses on user interface usage and user experience design with an emphasis on real-time collaboration.

Simply put, Figma is a digital design and prototyping tool. This is a design application. The UI and UX that you can use to create a website, app, or interface component for smaller users can be integrated into other projects. With tools that are vector-based and live in the cloud, Figma allows its users to work anywhere and anytime from a browser.

Functions of Figma

Figma as already said above. Figma is a solid tool or tools and with a free package available. Which anyone who works in the digital space can try. This is included in his ability in. Assist designers and their users in facilitating the marketing of their products or designs to clients and potential employers.

Figma Features

  1. A modern pen tool that lets you draw in multiple directions and there’s an instant arc design
  2. Accessible libraries and ways to drag and drop
  3. Automated tasks via plugins to speed up projects
  4. Intelligent selection tool with automatic adjustment for setting a distance.
  5. Very flexible methods and ways that save for your project.

Well, that’s my explanation this time THANK YOU!