What is W3C?

What is W3C? W3C which we can usually call World Wide Web Consortium ( World Wide Web Consortium) is usually abbreviated as (W3C). Develop standards for Waring Wera Wanua. There are also specifications of the main technologies used as the main basis of the web. Such as URL, HTTP, and HTML are developed and regulated by this agency. Founded on October 1, 1994. Headquartered in Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA.

Kinds of W3C

  1. CGI
  2. CSS
  3. DOM
  4. HTML
  5. HTTP
  6. XHTML
  7. XML

W3C it also has a fairly broad support or support for finer details on the website W3C the. To date, W3C has released more than 90 standards that have gone through a very rigorous review, development and implementation process. A standard that really matters to web designers and internet users. W3C


Standard W3C also increases accessibility, privacy, security, and issues on internationalization. It also helps balance speed, fairness, public accountability, and quality across the internet. Websites that are now compatible with W3C i.e. cross-platform compatible which means that apart from functioning as a browser the site can also be accessed via mobile phones, screen readers, text browsers, interactive TVs and other devices as well.

The Basic Principles of This W3C

  1. Due process (due process).
  2. Broad consensus (very broad consensus)
  3. Transparency (transparency).
  4. Balance (balance).
  5. Openness (openness).

Browsers also have their own proprietary extensions that they can use to interpret HTML and CSS code. To create the special effects that the designer wants to achieve. Testing the page in as many major browsers as possible is usually sufficient for most designers as well as web developers. But it can be to ensure at a higher level of compatibility. It is also important that the website can be coded according to standards W3C.

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