What is Development (For More Below)

what is development
what is development

What is Development – Development is a person who works as the development of a program or the development of a particular program. So with this, it can be said that the job of a developer is to develop something. This term is often associated with a particular field of work.

What is Development

what is development
what is development

Development is a term which when translated into Indonesian means ‘development’ or a ‘development’. It can be said that the meaning of development is any activity that is structured, measurable, organized, planned, and carried out in order to improve the progress of a particular organization or company. This activity can be carried out in the form of innovation from the product side to human resources. The term development itself we often encounter in a company structure. This is because companies definitely need special teams to be able to formulate strategies that are related to company development.

Development Type

  1. Business Development.

    BD or what can be called Business Development is a field of work related to the development of companies through the creation of long-term relationships with customers, markets, and business relationships. A BD they are required to be responsible for the interaction of the three channels, in order to create an opportunity – an opportunity for the company to be able to continue to grow or develop.

  2. Product Development.

    If BD is directly related to the development of a company, then product development is an area that focuses on the company’s products. This also includes developing ideas or concepts that are tailored to the target market, to product marketing strategies. Product development is an integral part of the shape of a business. Without this stage, companies will find it difficult to develop effective and quality products.

  3. People Development.

    Not only companies and products that need to be considered, human resources or employees also need to be developed. People development is a term that is closely related to the existence of Human Resources (HR). People development is an effort from the company to be able to improve the performance and productivity of its employees. This can be done by providing employees with training – training, performance appraisals, to the determination of KPIs (Key Performance Indicators).

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