What are Cascading Style Sheets? (Learn Programming)

What are Cascading Style Sheets? – For those of you who work in the field of front-end or back-end developers. Both are the main things in the construction of a network site and display on web in general. For a Front-end Developer the role of CSS is very important to make the appearance on the page web which is being built. For website visitors, CSS also plays a big role so that visitors are comfortable when surfing the pages of a site. However, for those who are new to technical development web Of course you will be confused, what is CSS?Well then from thatsee the following reviews.

What are Cascading Style Sheets?

In programming, it is usually shortened to CSS. As explained above, CSS stands for cascading style sheets. CSS can be interpreted as a tiered sheet for page layout formats on a site web. CSS is an invention to help developers web which previously only depended on an HTML as a language markup. HTML is initially used to mark an object on the page web such as tables, paragraphs, and so on.

The use of HTML at the beginning of the development of the internet was indeed sufficient because at that time the internet was only used by a limited group of people in sharing research information. At that time, the page formatting process was very limited and style or the style is on site pages are still monotonous. But lately. After the internet is widely used and growing, people start to think about how to develop web pages to make them more attractive. This makes HTML very burdensome.

After the rapid development of the internet, the page web not only have the formatting but also the color and layout should be assigned to the HTML control. Of course this makes, the role of HTML as a structural tool and also a design tool feels very heavy. That’s why CSS was created as a solution to design and formatting tasks, while HTML can focus on the layout on the page again web.

That was the understanding of CSS that I can give this time, I hope it helps you to understand what it is Cascading Style Sheets (CSS).