What is a Freelance Programmer (More Information Below)

what is a freelance job
what is a freelance job

What is a Freelance Programmer – Freelance programmers have a lot of advantages in terms of working hours they like, workplaces that they want, and workflows that they also like. So don’t be surprised if there are so many freelancers who can travel abroad and are still able to continue the projects they are working on. In addition, freelancers can also choose what kind of projects they want to accept or not. This is rarely done by programmers – office programmers because like it or not, they must be able to follow the workflow that has been set by their own company.

What is a Freelance Programmer

what is a freelance job
what is a freelance job

Being a freelance programmer is not easy and trivial, it has a big risk, one of which is being able to keep us from getting clients at all. There are even some office programmers who decide to work as a freelancer but finally decide to return to work as an office programmer. Just like an entrepreneur in general, if you want to become a freelance programmer then you not only have to think about the code that you will write, but you are also required to be able to think about how to market and manage yourself. Well if you want to do it you have a lot of things you have to prepare.

What You Need

  1. Become a Specialist.

    What is meant by this is that you have to be really good at this field, because in the space you work it is difficult to get help.

  2. Expand Portfolio

    It is very rare or maybe even no recruiter to deliberately carry out the selection process by testing programmers freelance whom he wants to recruit.

  3. Determine Work Rates

    You must be able to determine the tariff rate for working on the client’s goods

  4. Sell ​​Your Skills

    if you do this freelance work you can also say by selling expertise.

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