What is Bios?


What is Bios? Bios an abbreviation of Basic Input Output System. In computer systems IBM PC or compatible refers to a collection of software routines. Which is capable of doing things like Initializing as well as testing the hardware to load and run the operating system.

BIOS it is also often referred to as BIOS ROM because at first the BIOS. Then stored in a read-only memory chip (ROM) on the motherboard. Why is it stored in ROM?. So that the BIOS can be executed when the computer is turned on. Without having to wait to turn on the media storage device first which takes a long time. BIOS also on modern PCs and stored in electrically rewritable ROM chips or Flash ROMs.


Features in Bios

  1. Chipset Feature SetupMenu to configure the facilities provided by the chipset.
  1. Power Management SetupMenu to adjust the performance of devices so as to allow you to save computer energy.
  1. PCI ConfigurationMenu for configuration on devices and PCI, for example IRQ allocation.
  1. Integrated PeripheralsMenu for configuring the facilities that can be connected with devices connected to the motherboard.
  1. Load Setup DefaultsMenu to improve computer performance instantly and manually.
  1. Supervisor PasswordMenu can create supervisor password.
  1. User PasswordMenu to create a user password.
  1. IDE HDD Auto DetectMenu to detect hard disk parameters recognized by the computer.
  1. HDD Low Level FormatMenu for formatting the hard disk and also not all computers or PCs have this facility.
  1. Save & Exit SetupMenu to save various possibilities during setup configuration changes and also exit BIOS setup.
  1. Exit Without SavingMenu to ignore the various possibilities in the setup configuration changes and exit the BIOS setup.

Outline Bios it also provides great benefit to your device regarding the overall system performance. BIOS also able to recognize hardware What is ter-plugins on your computer/laptop. This BIOS can help the operating system and applications in the process settings hardware using BIOS Runtime Services.

Well, that’s a brief explanation of What is Bios?. If you find a sentence that you don’t understand or make a typo, please forgive me.

Thank you:)