What are ROM Drivers? (Come on, Listen and Learn)

What are ROM Drivers? – For those of you computer users, you must be curious about the CD or DVD player on your computer. What’s that name? and what is its function, now to find out CD and DVD Rom, you have to refer to the following article.

What is a CD-ROM Driver?

A CD ROM DRIVE is a piece of hardware inside a computer that also functions to play and read CD discs. CD ROM stands for (COMPACT DISK READ ONLY MEMORY). Well, the word READ ONLY MEMORY means that this tool can only be used for reading, and cannot be used for writing. If you want to play CDs in your home, then this tool is very important to use.

Then, What is a DVD Rom Drive?

DVD ROM DRIVE is also a hardware device in a computer that functions to read or play discs on a CD / DVD. DVD stands for (Digital Versatile Disc). Unlike a CD ROM DRIVE, a DVD DRIVE can be used to read CDs or DVDs. However, the word ROM (read only memory) can be used to read a CD OR DVD. In a sense, it cannot be used to write or compress data into a DVD or CD.

Disadvantages of CD ROM

  • The CD ROM DRIVE can only be used to read CDs. Meanwhile, to read DVDs, this hardware cannot be used yet.
  • If you want to fill a blank CD with data or other files then this tool will not work for that. So, the solution to that if you want to write or burn data to a CD, then you have to use a CD RW (Read Write) Drive that can read and write CDs.

How to Enter

The CD-ROM drive can be opened by pressing the tray release button on the front of the drive.

If the eject button doesn’t work, you can open or eject the tray via My Computer or “This PC”.

In My Computer, you can find a list of drives on your computer, then you right-click the CD-ROM drive and select Eject in the pop-up menu.

Well, that’s all our explanation for today, see you in the next article.