Computer Software Components (Functions And Types!)

Computer Software
Computer Software

Computer Software Components – Hi friends, meet us again. how are you today? We hope you are always healthy. At this meeting we will discuss about computer software including its functions, types, and components. Software is a part of a computer system, but does not have a tangible form which means that it cannot be seen physically.

Computer Software Functions

computer software
computer software

Computer software has several main functions, which include data processing and interaction facilities. Processing data along with certain commands and instructions is a software function with the aim of producing the information desired by the user. Software as a means of interaction is useful for connecting users with computer hardware.

Kinds of Software

  • Paid, this type of software requires users to pay a predetermined price if they want to enjoy the features and usability of the application. Examples of paid software are Microsoft Windows, CorelDraw, Adobe Photoshop, Microsoft office and many more.
  • Freeware, is free software that is free to use at any time. Examples of freeware are Google Chrome, Adobe Flash Player, CC cleaner, Mozilla and others.
  • Free Softwaree, is a type of software that requires users to buy at the beginning, but after that they are free to copy or modify it.\
  • Shareware, is a type of software that is free for a certain period of time, if it has reached the expiration date, the user must buy it first.
  • Malware, is a type of software intended to damage computer network systems. Malware is usually used in cyber crime actions such as phishing.
  • Open Source Software, is a type of software that is free and contains the device creation code in it. With the code, you can modify, study, and distribute. An example of this type of software is Linux.
  • Firmware, is computer software in the form of storage that can only be read, in the sense that it cannot be modified.

So first the information that we can convey, hopefully this information about computer software is useful for friends. Thank you, see you in the next article~