What is Mac OS?

What is Mac OS? Mac OS formerly known as OS X, is an operating system with a graphical interface developed directly and distributed by Apple Inc. This operating system is provided for Macintosh computers. This operating system was first released in 2001 and is the most popular among all users. They also use C++, C, Swift, Objective-C programming languages ​​and assembly languages.

Mac OS X was originally announced as the 10th version of the operating system for Macintosh computers. Previous operating systems Mac OS Classic used Arabic numerals such as Mac OS 8 and Mac OS 9. The letter “X” in Mac OS X also refers to the number 10 in Roman numerals, and Apple emphasizes that it should be pronounced as “ten” but is also often pronounced as the letter “X”.


Features on Mac OS

  1. Airplay for MacWith this feature you will be enhanced by accessing Airplay from an Iphone or iPad that can be connected on a display.
  2. Up-to-date FaceTimeThis feature is always up-to-date on Apple and also updates the latest FaceTime on macOS Monterey.
  3. Quick NoteThis feature is also made more sophisticated when using it.
  4. Safari Tab GroupsIt also gives user access if you want to open multiple tabs and also want to see those tabs again.
  5. Animated Avatar MemojiIf you access this feature you can simply go to System Preferences or System Preferences.
  6. FocusThis is useful for users to focus on what they are doing without the distraction of notifications popping up that are less important.
  7. ShortcutsYou can also access their favorite Shortcuts.
  8. Erase All Content and SettingsThis will make it easier for those of you who want to delete all data or full reset on their respective Apple devices.
  9. Universal ControlMakes it easier for you to use one mouse or keyboard to use on several Apple devices, namely Mac or iPad.

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