What is CorelDRAW? (Creating Easy Graphic Designs!!)

corel draw logo
corel draw logo

What is CorelDRAW? Graphic design is a creative job that is needed by various agencies and companies. Nowadays, various information can be packaged with a very attractive visual display, both information in the form of education to product promotion. In addition, the visual illustrations that have been made also make it easier for the public to understand the information contained in it.

This is none other than because people’s habits in consuming information have now changed a lot. The easy access and the fast rate of information circulating in the media have an influence on the behavior of people who are more interested in the content of short information, but it is easier to understand. With a short time, people can still understand the information well and clearly.

corelDRAW example
corelDRAW example

Then, what is CorelDRAW?

CorelDRAW is software a graphic processor that has uses to help the designer’s work. This software was developed by Corel Corporation, a company based in Ottawa, Canada. Quoted from its official website, Corel helps more than 90 million workers to be more creative and productive through their products.

In simple terms, CorelDRAW is a vector or line-based graphics processing software. The resulting object is a combination of several lines, either straight or curved. However, ssoftware vector-based graphics processor not only CorelDRAW. Similar software is Adobe Illustrator, Beneba Canvas, Macromedia Freehand, Metacreations Expression, and Micrografx Designer.

Featured Features in CorelDRAW

1. Collaboration, CorelDRAW has collaboration features that can help you work together with other designers.

2. Typography Tools, CorelDRAW provides typography tools that can help you create or create font yourself by bolding or thinning the letters of font the.

3. PowerTRACE™, the last advantage of CorelDRAW is that it can convert bitmap become vectors in an easier and faster way.

CorelDRAW Advantages and Disadvantages


  1. Easy to use
  2. The file format used is quite complete
  3. Many Tools
  4. Easy-to-use basic form
  5. Can Small Invitation Cards


  1. Large File Size
  2. Difficult To Make Table
  3. Color Space Needs To Be Corrected When It Will Be Used

In conclusion, CorelDRAW is a type of software that is able to create graphic designs or as a vector-based graphics editor. The original file format is .CDR, which can contain vector graphics work page data, text, images, effects, colors, and others.

That’s the explanation we can give about CorelDRAW. Hopefully it will be useful in adding to your insight, especially regarding applications that are useful for graphic design.