Type of Data (Full Explanation!)

types of data in IT
types of data in IT

Types of Data – Hi friends, meet us again. How are you today? We hope you are always healthy. In this article, we will discuss about data and things related to data. As usual, we will give a brief explanation of what data is in general, then after that we will discuss in more detail about data.

The term data has become a familiar term and we often encounter in everyday life and in various fields. Understanding data in general is a collection or collection of information and facts. Data obtained from human observations using many methods. Then, the data is visualized in the form of images, graphs, tables, and others. You need to know, data is not just values ​​and numbers.

What is Data


Alright, in this discussion we will study data in the world of technology. In general, data is a collection of information or facts as previously mentioned. In the world of technology, data is a collection of information that is stored in a computer by going through the process first. The information in question can be in the form of images, audio, text, and others.

Types of Data in Several Categories

1. Based on the Source

  • External Data, is data obtained or sourced from outside the company. Examples of this data are product sales information, purchase analysis information, and others.
  • Internal Data, is data obtained or sourced from within the company / organization. Examples of this data are the number of production, the number of employees, the amount of capital and others.

2. Based on its nature

  • Quantitative data, is data presented in the form of numbers and figures. Examples of the use of quantitative data are income prices, stock prices, and others.
  • Qualitative data, is data written in the form of images, verbal, or symbols. An example of this data is the questionnaire data on the level of seminar satisfaction, the level of customer satisfaction with the service of a minimarket.

3. Based on how to get it

  • Primary Data, is data collected by organizations or individuals conducting research.
  • Secondary Data, is data collected from many sources that already exist or are available before.

4. Based on the collection time

  • Periodic data is data that is collected continuously from time to time to be able to know the development of an event at a certain time. An example of this data is data on the price of goods.
  • Cross section data is a type of data that is collected only at certain times.

So, the information that we can convey about the types of data in the field of technology, hopefully the information we provide is useful, thank you.