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Flimty MartapuraMust Know – When we eat, not all ingredients and substances that enter the stomach are all healthy. Especially in today’s snacks such as junk food and those sold on the roadside. Even vegetables and fruits that are known as healthy foods can sometimes have bacteria because they are not processed properly and excess pesticides.

Therefore, we need to clean our digestive organs and also provide nutrition to our bodies to keep them fit and healthy. Many toxins, oils, cholesterol and bacteria are lodged in the digestive tract, especially the intestines and stomach walls, and they can all lead to dangerous diseases.

Already are you sure you the food has you food consumption which safe and healthy ? Therefore you need additional intake to support your health, especially digestive health. Because most of the dangerous diseases originally came from the digestive tract.

Flimty Martapura

Flimty Box
Flimty Box

Don’t wait for you to experience the following to start a healthy lifestyle:

  • Often tired even though you don’t do meaningful activities
  • Breath often chokes so it’s not relieved
  • Not getting quality sleep or often sore when you wake up
  • Drastic weight gain
  • Stomach starts to swell
  • Feeling unwell all the time

Or maybe you’ve felt the things above?

What is the Solution?

To get a healthy body, especially for digestion, we must really maintain a diet and choose healthy and hygienic foods. In addition, it is also required to be diligent in exercising and also meeting nutritional needs with dietary supplements. Supplements that are currently recommended are Flimty.

Then What is Flimty?

Flimty is a product of PT. Anugrah Innovation Makmur Indonesia chaired by Dennis Hadi which is a solution for people who want ideal weight, digestion healthy and clean, take care of body nor get rid of belly fat.

Flimty Martapura

New Flavor Flimty
New Flavor Flimty

Why Must Flimty?

Flimty will bind fat, cholesterol as well as toxins and harmful substances that come from the food we eat and have lodged in the intestines and digestive organs. Then all the dirt and food residue that has been tied up will be disposed of through the defecation.

The benefits of flimty bulldoze all fat and dirt and make the body more ideal, not just a figment. Millions of our customers have assured the quality of this product. Flimty also wants to lower body weight and make a distended stomach continue to be slim.

Flimty Efficacy:

  1. Flimty can be used as a natural weight loss
  2. Not only rich in nutrients, Flimty also has a high fiber content
  3. Detox the body and maximize the performance of the body’s organs
  4. Flimty plays a role in nourishing the digestive tract
  5. Can help streamline a distended stomach
  6. Helping diet programs continue to be effective
  7. Flimty helps control blood sugar and cholesterol to stabilize
  8. Like full of nutrition for the body
  9. Reduces the effects of heart disease and diabetes
  10. Overcoming constipation problems

Flimty Martapura

Flimty Sachet
Flimty Sachet


Flimty is a local product and is legal in Indonesia. Flimty has also officially obtained a certificate from the Food and Drug Supervisory Agency (BPOM). We can trace the official Flimty product on the BPOM website with certification number 867009108323.

MUI Halal Certified

For Indonesians with a majority Muslim community, of course, in buying a product, the first thing to look at is whether the product is halal or not. Flimty has passed clinical trials and has obtained a Halal certificate and MUI (Indonesian Muslim Council). Not only safe but also halal.

Flimty function
Flimty function


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Flimty Martapura

Price Flimty Martapura

We have product unit prices as well as package prices. It is recommended to buy at the package price because it will be more economical.

  • Price per box: 1 Box Flimty (16 Sachets) = Rp, 295,000
  • Package A Price: 2 Boxes Flimty (Save 5k per box) = Rp, 580,000
  • Pahe Price: 4 Boxes Flimty (Save 10 thousand per box) = Rp, 1.140.000
  • Special Price: 8 Boxes Flimty (Save 15 per box) = Rp, 2,240,000

How to Consume Flimty

Here’s how to consume Flimty is good and right:

  1. Pour 1 pack/sachet of Flimty into a glass or shaker
  2. Pour 150 ml of water (not warm/hot)
  3. Stir until smooth or shake if using a shaker
  4. After stirring until smooth, drain immediately before thickening
  5. Drink 15 minutes – 2 hours before eating (morning, afternoon/evening)

This product is increasingly trusted by the public to support the health of the wider community. This is evidenced by the phenomenon of increasing sales even during a pandemic like this. Flimty has sold millions of sachets in these 2 years. Flimty is very useful to support body health and is safe for consumption by heart patients, diabetes and ulcers.

15 Fast and Natural High Blood Pressure Foods

High blood pressure can be lowered by getting used to a healthy lifestyle and the use of drugs.
In addition, blood pressure can be normalized by consuming certain foods that can lower blood pressure.

The following are high blood-lowering foods that are good for consumption:

1. Green Vegetables
Healthy foods that are effective in lowering blood pressure are green vegetables such as spinach, mustard greens, turnip greens, and lettuce. Green vegetables are high in calcium, which can lower blood pressure. We should consume green vegetables every day, if possible half a plate at each meal.

Choose fresh green vegetables to neutralize sodium and salt in the body. Avoid vegetables from canned packaging.

2. Ripe banana
Banana is a fruit that is easy to find in the market. The good news, bananas work to lower high blood pressure. This fruit is very helpful for people with hypertension to stabilize and lower blood pressure. Bananas contain high potassium so that it can balance sodium levels in the body of people with hypertension.

3. Skim Milk
You can get high calcium content through skim milk which can make it have a role as a high blood-lowering food. Skim milk contains low fat so it is safe for people with hypertension.

Research has identified that low-fat milk has an important role for the body to lower blood pressure. Consumption of skim milk mixed with yogurt is best to be consumed every day to get stable blood pressure.

4. Greek Yogurt
We need to know that the cause of a person affected by high blood pressure is a lack of daily calcium. Therefore you can increase calcium in your daily diet to stabilize blood pressure. One of the foods that contain high calcium is yogurt.

Yogurt contains the highest calcium so it can meet a person’s daily calcium needs. Yogurt has a low sodium content and is safe for people with hypertension. Yogurt also contains probiotics that can lower blood pressure. For daily needs, choose low-sugar yogurt so it is safer and healthier.

5. Young Potato
Another food ingredient that also contains high potassium and magnesium so that it is effective in lowering high blood pressure is potatoes. Potatoes contain fiber that is needed by the body. Unfortunately, many people add salt to processed potatoes, this will trigger an increase in blood pressure.

So in order to get the benefits of potatoes as a lowering of high blood pressure, try to consume potatoes by boiling or baking without the need for added salt.

6. Berries
Besides bananas, berries are also the fruit that is best consumed by people with hypertension. Berries contain flavonoid compounds that can ward off high blood pressure and lower blood pressure in the body. This fruit can be consumed directly or made into juice drinks and complementary to yogurt drinks.

7. Oatmeal
Another high blood-lowering food that you can try is oatmeal. Oatmeal contains low sodium and fat and high fiber so that it can lower blood pressure in the body. How to consume oatmeal is quite easy, you can add honey or fresh fruit so it doesn’t taste bland.

8. Bits
Another fruit that can be used as a high blood pressure drug is for beets. If we consume beetroot juice, there will be a decrease in systolic blood pressure within 6 hours after drinking. This happens because the nitrate content in beets can lower and stabilize blood pressure. In addition to juice, beets can be eaten directly by steaming or roasting.

9. Fish oil
Fish oil is effective when used as a high blood-lowering food. Fish oil is best for counteracting rising blood pressure and stabilizing the heart rate. The content of good fats and omega-3 in fish has been shown to lower blood pressure in people with hypertension.

10. Fish
Certain types of fish such as salmon, can lower a person’s high blood pressure, if consumed regularly for 2 weeks. Salmon has good fats with high vitamin D so it can stabilize blood pressure.

Fish also contains omega-3 which can lower high blood pressure. But keep in mind, good fish consumption is without salt. if you add salt to fish, it will increase the blood pressure in your body. So try to grill fish with olive oil without the need to add salt.

11. Pomegranate
Pomegranate also has benefits as a high blood-lowering food. Pomegranate can reduce high blood pressure in people with hypertension. Even pomegranate is relied on to lower systolic pressure in the blood by up to 21 percent.

Pomegranate contains polyphenols which have antioxidant properties. Antioxidants are best for preventing free radicals so that blood flow will be smooth. Instead, free radicals that are not ignored can simply create clogged blood vessels so that blood pressure also rises.

12. Dark Chocolate
Another high blood-lowering food is dark chocolate. Dark chocolate is rich in flavonoids which can help lower high blood pressure. Chocolate can form nitric oxide which can dilate blood vessels so that blood flow to the brain becomes smooth. We need to know that the higher the cocoa content in chocolate, the better it will be for people with hypertension.

13. Whole Seeds
Another high blood pressure-lowering food that you can try is whole seeds. This is one type of food that can lower high blood pressure, even in the elderly group. Whole seeds contain high fiber so that it counteracts the shrinkage of blood vessels. As a result, high blood pressure can drop quickly.

14. Garlic
Garlic is included in the list of high blood-lowering foods. These foods are included in the composition because they can increase the levels of nitric oxide in the body. Nitric oxide can help increase vasodilation or widening of the arteries which will be dominant in reducing high blood pressure.

15. Olive oil
Olive oil is one of the healthy fat foods as a food that can prevent and minimize the effects of disease. One of the ingredients in this food is polyphenols. This content makes olive oil useful as a high blood-lowering food.