What is Ubuntu? (There are advantages too!)

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What is Ubuntu? – Currently, Windows as well as macOS are probably the more widely used operating systems. However, the number of Linux users has started to catch up in the last few years, not even from developers. And as a result, now Ubuntu is one of the OS that has also been popular among the general consumer.

ubuntu installation od desktop
ubuntu installation od desktop

Then, what is Ubuntu?

Ubuntu was started in 2004, which was introduced by a British company called Canonical. This OS was based on Debian, which was the most popular distro at the time but was difficult to install. In the end, Ubuntu was proposed as one of the more user-friendly alternatives. As the maintainer of Ubuntu, Canonical is tasked with releasing a new version of Ubuntu every six months. Canonical also provides server hosting that is used for the Ubuntu Community, which allows people around the world to participate in testing software bugs, answering questions, and providing technical support for free.

Difference between Ubuntu and Linux

Linux is a family of operating systems based on the Linux kernel, where the kernel is the core part of the operating system. The kernel also enables communication between hardware components and software components. Linux is based on Unix which was developed from the Linux kernel. The history of Linux itself began in 1991, which has been provided for web servers, and personal computers. Linux also comes in many different versions, which can be called distributions or distributions distribution.

Meanwhile, Ubuntu is a Linux distribution based on Debian. Ubuntu is perfect for cloud computing, servers, desktops, and devices too internet of things (IoT) other. So, the main difference between Linux and Ubuntu is that Linux is a family of Unix-based operating systems, while Ubuntu is one of the Linux distributions.

Advantages of Ubuntu

  1. User friendly
  2. Strong security
  3. Options for many software
  4. Good privacy
  5. Lightweight performance
  6. Also available for free


While there are a wide variety of Linux distributions readily available online, the most popular option of all is Ubuntu, which is an open-source and free OS. Well, that’s all I can say in this article, hopefully it will be useful for you to know more about what Ubuntu is, the difference between it and Linux, and also its advantages.