What is Linux? (Here’s More Understanding… )

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What is Linux? Linux is a family of operating systems similar to free and open source Unix that are based on the Linux kernel. That is an operating system kernel which was first developed directly by Linus Torvalds at 1001. Linux also released under the 2nd version of the GNU General Public License.

From the mid-1990s to the 2000s Linux become one of the dominating operating systems in the server market. Cloud computing as well as supercomputers and since 2017, Linux it is also the only operating system used in the TOP500 supercomputer registration list. Linux also dominates in the mobile market through Google’s Android operating system which has been used around 72.7 percent globally as of 2021.

Linux Features

  1. Program ExecutionServes as an interface between applications and hardware.
  2. interruptcentered on the operating system that provides an efficient way for the operating system to interact and react to its environment.
  3. Protected and supervisor modeSupports dual protected mode operation as well as supervisors which may help CPU functions while being controlled.
  4. Memory managementA multiprogramming operating system kernel is responsible for managing all system memory currently being used by those programs.
  5. Virtual memoryKernel can choose which program memory can be used for a certain time.
  6. Multitaskingthat is, the operating system runs many independent computer programs on the same computer.
  7. Disk access and file systemCan access data stored on disk and also centralized from all operating systems.
  8. Device driversA special type of computer software created directly for the operating system to interact with hardware devices.
  9. NetworkingThe goal is that computers using different operating systems can participate in a common network for various resources.
  10. SecurityThe security of this computer depends on a number of technologies that work properly.


Linux This also aims to make it easier for developers to develop devices so they don’t bump into really complicated licenses and regulations. It is also clear that Linux was created as an innovation to break the monopoly of the operating system. Even though Linux it’s rarely talked about however Linux it has also become the operating system that is widely used in our everyday devices.

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