What is Tinder and what are its uses?

use of tinder
use of tinder

What is Tinder and what are its uses? – Tinder is widely known as one of the social media applications that many people use to find a mate. Or just want to get acquainted with other people to find friends with fellow interests. Although it is popular among young people, not a few people know what tinder is and how it is used. So in this article, we will describe this. Read on for our article this time.

Tinder Sower
Tinder Sower

What is Tinder

Tinder was first developed by students at the University of Southern California in 2012, Tinder was deliberately created to help people who are “fad” to find people outside their social networks. The search feature based on GPS distance allows users to find dates quickly and quickly. Tinder is also known as “sweeping friend” which means “getting friends in the touch of a finger”. However, increasing Tinder users will not guarantee that Tinder-mediated romance stories will always end well.

Tinder is an application that has been designed to make friends online and if you are lucky, you can even find a match in this application. Tinder users can post the best photos, short bios, and also share the same friends. The Tinder application will see based on the data that has been listed on the user’s profile. Later users can find a partner who has the same suit and taste as them.

Top features on Tinder

1. Swipe Right and Swipe Left features

As one of Tinder’s superior features, the selective Swipe Right feature can be used to like and Swipe Left is used if you don’t like it, which is used to determine the choice of a partner that suits you.

2. Super Like feature

In addition to using Swipe, users can also rely on the “Super Like” feature. Which can allow the recipient to get a special notification about their account. Through this feature, users’ profiles will usually appear in the recipient’s account display with a “Super Like” notification that can be immediately responded to.


As explained above, the use of Tinder is an application designed to find friends or partners via GPS distance and online.