What is Microsoft Windows?

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What is Microsoft Windows? Microsoft Windows or what is usually better known as Windows is a family of operating systems that have been developed directly by Microsoft with you using a graphical user interface. The Windows operating system has evolved from MS-DOS, which is an operating system based on text mode and command-line.

Released live on November 20, 1985 and just released again on May 25, 2022. And they also use the Sharp C programming language. Windows operating system that has evolved from MS-DOS, an operating system based on text mode and command-line. The first version of Windows was Windows Graphic Environment 1.0 which was first introduced on November 10, 1983 but only came out of the market in November 1985, which could be made to meet the needs of computers with an illustrated display.

Advantages of Microsoft Windows

  1. Abundant application options.
  2. Easy to repair and develop.
  3. Supports Windows partition system.
  4. Supports friendly office applications when users use them.

Weaknesses in Microsoft Windows

  1. Virus Vulnerability, Due to the market share leader of computer operating systems in the world.
  2. Easy to Hack, Windows is an operating system that can be learned by dozens of people to young people.
  3. Too Frequent Updates, Many of the latest flaws and threats on the Windows operating system.
  4. RAM greedy, Many people complain to install and use the windows operating system and require a large amount of RAM.

Windows can also allow you to complete all the daily tasks on your computer. For example, you can use Windows to browse, check e-mail, edit digital photos, listen to music, play games, and more. Microsoft Windows You can also use this to manage input and output data and control it. And can also process which consists of preparation, scheduling and monitoring the program that you are running.

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