What is Inspect Element (More Below)

what is inspect element
what is inspect element

What is Inspect Element – Inspect element is a browser feature that allows you to inspect HTML code and CSS code on a website. Which means, you can find out a lot of things the color code that the website uses, the type of font or icon they use, and much more.

What is Inspect Element

what is inspect element
what is inspect element

When you open a web page, there are actually a lot of things that you can’t see directly. This inspect element tool is very useful for being able to see the collections of code that make up the appearance of a website. Indeed, basically, the inspect element tool is one of the features of the developers tool in your browser section that functions to make it easier for you to change the appearance of a website from the browser you have.

This tool is used to be able to change the appearance and content of a website by editing the CSS and HTML files of a website page. Changes that can be made by the inspect element tool are only temporary. So in such a way, this Qwords friend no longer has to worry about damaging the design and content of these websites while using this tool. Although actually inspect from the element tool itself is already available in various popular browsers.

Benefits of Inspect Element Chrome

  1. Temporary changes

    You can use this tool to make temporary changes to parts of a web page. This feature can make it easier for web designers during the design planning process.

  2. Hide personal details

    You can also use the inspect element tool to hide personal information on web pages.

  3. Diagnose bugs and broken links

    If you are a web dev, you can use this tool to find broken links and find bugs on the website you are currently working on.

  4. Find hidden items

    You can also use this tool to be able to find hidden content in the pages of the website. This feature is very useful for digital marketers in finding keywords – keywords or hidden keywords from a blog.

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