What is Wattpad and its Functions? (Loves to Read and Write!)

Wattpad Logo
Wattpad Logo

What is Wattpad and its Functions? – Currently, there are lots of cool applications starting from chat applications, games, photo editing and many others. But did you know that currently there are applications that are beneficial for writers and readers? So, the application is named “Wattpad“. You certainly don’t feel foreign to the name of the application or online site, you must ask What is Wattpad?. Here in this article I will explain what Wattpad is and also its functions.


What is Wattpad?

Wattpat is an online community for writers and readers. You can create an account for free to start writing on Wattpad or just read posts on Wattpad. Whether it’s a short story or a serialized story, you can also comment and vote on each reading. Wattpad also has the ability to be read on a computer, telephone or tablet reader. One of its uniqueness is that the average writer on Wattpad is teenagers, most of them write fan-fiction stories.

And for those of you who have a hobby of writing, but you don’t know where your writing should be distributed. You can channel it through this online site called Wattpad. So, Wattpad can be a place for you to practice writing skills. Here you can write for free and if you are lucky you will get lots of fans who want your story to be published, in other words you will get income from the books you print for you to sell.

Wattpad Functions

Wattpad functions as described above, namely to read and write books. In Wattpad, there are millions of stories in various languages, including Indonesian, which consists of dozens of genres.

Wattpad also provides cool features such as vote, comment, share, library, follow, dedicate, and many other cool features. Since we have already discussed about being a reader on wattpad, this time we will discuss about being a writer on wattpad. In Wattpad we can write part by part so we don’t have to finish the story until it’s finished and published. So the system on wattpad is an update. We have to update the book chapter by chapter according to your wishes.

Conclusion and Warning!

Even though wattpad is a social media, you also have to be responsible for the books you write. Do not plagiarize books or do other bad things. You need and must remember, be a responsible writer.

That’s our article this time. Thank you!