What is Shadowban? ( You must know! )


What is Shadowban? – Hi friends, meet us again, how are you today? We hope you are always healthy. In this article, we will discuss what shadowban is, and how to overcome it. What is a shadowban? The term shadowban refers to social media activities (posting photos/videos etc.) that are invisible or invisible to others. Generally, incidents like this occur without being noticed by the owner of the social media user account. For more details, we will discuss in the following.

What is Shadowban?

what is shadowban
what is shadowban

Shadowban comes from the English term shadow and banned, shadow is a shadow and banned is a ban. However, if interpreted as a whole, shadowban is an effort or step to limit the distribution and block content that is carried out by the platform owner to the user unilaterally and carried out secretly. When you are shadowbanned, your activities on your social media accounts in the form of posts, photos, videos, etc., will not be seen by others even though they have been published.

Your social media account will not receive any notification if your account has been shadowbanned. Shadowban is usually done by platform owners to avoid spam content and maintain order on a platform. We often encounter this activity on several social media such as tiktok, instagram, twitter and others.

How To Avoid Getting Shadowban?

The right way to keep your account from being shadowbanned is to avoid doing activities that violate the platform’s rules. However, usually a platform has different reasons why it shadowbans its users such as spamming activity, being rude to other users, and violating copyright regulations. Therefore, the things that need to be avoided are also not always the same.

How to Overcome Shadowbanning

Then, how to deal with accounts that have already been shadowbanned? The fix is ​​not an easy thing to do, but below we will present some tips so that your account is not shadowbanned again.

  1. Remove content that violates the rules.
  2. Contacting the platform service you are using via email and others.
  3. Monitor the progress of your account.
  4. Create content that does not violate the rules to increase the trust of platform owners.
  5. Also pay attention to the analysis and statistics of the posts you upload, if your statistics are still low then you are still shadowbanned, but if not then the opposite applies.

So much information that we can present, hopefully this information is useful for friends, thank you, see you in the next article~