What is Microsoft Word? (Here’s the Definition)

microsoft word logo
microsoft word logo

What is Microsoft Word? Microsoft Word is Microsoft’s flagship word processing software. First published in 1983 and given the name Multi-Tool Word for Xenix. And there are also other versions later developed for various operating systems such as DOS, Apple Macintosh, SCO UNIX, OS / 2 and also Microsoft Windows.

Released in early October 25, 1983. And until now still using Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X. Many ideas and concepts of Word are also taken from Bravos, the first graphic-based word processor developed directly at the Xerox Palo Alto Research Center (PARC) . The creator of Bravo, Charles Simonyi left Xerox PARC and then moved to Microsoft in 1981. Simonyi also hooked Richard Brodie from PARC. On February 1, 1983 and developed by Multi-Tool Word.

microsoft word
microsoft word

Features in Microsoft Word

  1. Menu BarUsed to collect menus whose function is not the same to make settings that are in the appendix section.
  2. Scroll BarThis feature is on the right and serves to shift the screen options horizontally and vertically.
  3. Windows MenuHas 3 types of options for the appearance of windows, namely minimize, restore for the initial display and also maximize with a full page view.
  4. Title Bar, Can see when you open the Ms. Words.
  5. Page StatusUsed to display the number of pages that have been created from the currently active document.
  6. Ribbon ToolFunctions as a menu tab that can show several icons with their respective functions that you may not understand.
  7. Quick Access ToolbarSurely you are familiar with this feature because many have used it, one of which is Ms.Word this time.
  8. Zoom MenuUsed to zoom in or out of our work.

Microsoft Word This can also help you in managing words or sentences. And also Ms. This word acts as a tool for users or users to complete work related to words, document text, correspondence and others.

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