What is Power Automate? (Listen to the following…)

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What is Power Automate? Power Automate is Microsoft Power Automate which was previously known as Microsoft Flow. As of November 2019 it is an iPaaS platform by Microsft for automating repetitive tasks. It is also part of the Microsoft Power Platform product range along with a Power Apps product as well as Power BI.

One of the most unique things in Power Automate is that you can use it to manage itself along with other Microsoft Power Platforms. We’re here to share a little bit of information about connectors that can help and automate administrator tasks with Power Automate

Connector in Power Automate

  • Connector Management, Can be used to automate a job with a workflow including getting a list of new workflows or connectors in their respective environments.
  • Connector Power Automate for Admin, Allows you for normal admin actions.
  • Power Apps Connector for app makers, you can use to create multiple actions even if the task is admin task.
  • Power Platform Connector for Admins, To perform tasks on platfrom components.
  • Microsoft 365 Connector, Useful for automating actions around users.
  • Approval connector, Often administrators have to get approval and Power Automate offers a rich set of approval tasks that let you automate this process.
  • Azure AD Connector, Useful for performing tasks like adding users to groups or even creating groups.

    power automate
    power automate

You can use this application to build your business to grow. You can also use Power Automate it’s free to learn and build skills about Power Apps, Power Automate and also Microsoft Dataverse. And also Power Automate this can be to build and assist an organization in completing one business scenario at a time. One feature that you must know is that we will no longer need a standalone package for the capabilities of the creator or admin.

Well, that’s a brief explanation of What is Power Automate?. If you find a sentence that doesn’t fit or is a typing error, please forgive me.

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