What is Bukalapak Platform (Let’s Know)

what is Bukalapak
what is Bukalapak

What is Bukalapak Platform – The Bukalapak platform is the official website of www.bukalapak.com and all official microsites along with official Bukalapak applications (based on Android and iOS) which can be accessed via a computer device / or can also be accessed via the User’s mobile device. This buying and selling site or platform also includes a platform or site that can be said to be a trusted platform for security as well.

What is Bukalapak Platform


PT Bukalapak.com (hereinafter referred to as “Bukalapak”) is a limited liability company whose one type of business is engaged in the field of web portal services. Bukalapak in this case has also provided an electronic trading platform (e-commerce) where users or (users) can make buying and selling transactions and using various features and services that are already available in the application. Any party in the territory of the Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia can access the Bukalapak Platform and then be able to open a stall, sell goods, buy goods, by using features/services, or simply accessing/visiting the Bukalapak Platform. As a supporter of this business and a provider of electronic trading platforms, Bukalapak has guaranteed security and comfort for its users.

Features of Bukalapak

  1. Notifications.
  2. Feedback.
  3. Quick Buy.
  4. Promoted Push.
  5. Open Ads.
  6. Open Wallet.
  7. Open Capital.
  8. Mutual Buddha.

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