Visual Studio Code Features (Many Advantages!)


Features of Visual Studio Code – Hi friends, meet us again. how are you today? We hope you are always healthy. In this article, we will discuss the features offered by visual studio code. But before that, we will give a little overview or introduction before we move on to the material.

As we all know, a code editor is a must-have software when creating a website or application for typing and editing program code. Usually a beginner uses notepad++ as their code editor. Unfortunately, editor applications such as notepad ++ and many other code editors do not provide full features.

The more complete the features provided by the code editor, the easier it is for us to work on a project. The advantage of the completeness of features is that we do not need to install several software at once because the features are already provided by the code editor. Well, if you are looking for a code editor that has many complete features, then Visual Studio Code is the right software.

Features Provided by Visual Studio Code

  1. Basic Editing Tools

    Like other code editors, vscode’s ability to code is unquestionable, this code editor provides what you need, from keyboard shortcuts, column sections, multiple sections, auto save, hot exit and others. There is also a possibility that Visual Studio Code will add more features in the future.

  2. Intellisense


    This one feature makes it easier for you during the coding process, the way it works is the same as autocomplete. That is by suggesting words based on what you type. This feature is available by default for js, typescript, JSON, CSS and HTML programming languages. To add Intellisense to another programming language, you only need to add it which is available through the extension marketplace.

  3. Debugging

    This feature will certainly make it easier for you to edit files, execute code, and compile code. The debugging feature is available for the node.js programming language by default, to add this feature to other languages, you only need to download it via the extension marketplace

  4. Marketplace Extensions

    marketplace extension
    marketplace extension

    This feature is useful for installing tools and additional programming languages.

  5. Integrated with Github

    This feature allows you to share code and collaborate with your friends or coworkers without switching software first. How to use it you only need to login using a github account first.

So much information that we can convey, hopefully useful, thank you.