What is Shopee Affiliate?

shopee affiliate

What is Shopee Affiliate – Shopee Affiliate is a program from Shopee itself which was created with the aim of being able to market these products with the marketplace network. If you use it, you can earn money or commissions only by marketing your favorite products.

What is Shopee Affiliate?

shopee affiliate program
shopee affiliate program

The Shopee Affiliates Program is a program where we can get an additional income by becoming a content creator whose job it is to promote various products in the Shopee application. Shopee Affiliate is a program from the Shopee application itself, which is intended for content creators who are active in the social media section. The content creators will promote various products in the Shopee application which will later be rewarded by the shope application, according to how well they perform in their work. These users will be given the freedom to be creative in the creation of content as long as the selected product meets the terms and conditions set by Shopee itself. This program can be followed by anyone, without any exceptions, without any minimum requirements for followers that they must have first.

How it works

how to join shopee affiliate
how to join shopee affiliate

  1. Have a Shopee Account.

    A affiliate partner or partners are required to have a Shopee account first to be able to proceed to the registration area to Shopee affiliate platforms.

  2. Register Shopee Affiliate Application.

    Procedure affiliate The next shopee is that you register first with as affiliate through the Shopee Affiliate Platform.

  3. Waiting for shope confirmation in Email.

    After you register with Shopee Affiliate dashboards, You are asked to wait for confirmation from the Shopee application first.

  4. Selecting and sorting products for the campaign.

    You can run the affiliate program after being registered as a affiliate partner in the Shopee application, and can continue and make product selections.

  5. Create content and insert links.

    Affiliate marketing means promoting or marketing products by sharing content on social media and embedding them link the product link in the content.

  6. The order must be made by the customer.

    Those who have seen your content and are interested in buying it can click on link or the link you have shared.

  7. Each commission payment.
    After a successful purchase of goods, you will be able to get a commission conversion that will be given by the customers seller Shopee who has joined the Shopee Affiliate Program. You can find the amount of commission by paying attention to the item commission details in the steps for choosing a product for a campaign.

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