What Is ZENLY APK (Use This, If You Want To Track)

what is zenly
what is zenly

What is ZENLY APK – Zenly is an application that is used to search and monitor the location of friends that has been presented in real-time. In general, this Zenly application can be useful for being able to monitor the location of friends who use this application themselves.


zenly is
zenly is

Along with the advancement of the development of today’s era, there are also more and more useful and latest applications, the latest features, the latest designs and many others. This application is widely used by people, to track whereabouts, friends, girlfriends, their parents, their children. This application is very helpful in everyday life, so if there is anything in their family, they can see it, where is he now?, you can immediately open the application and enter your email or phone number.

The application is starting to gain popularity because it has various interesting features that can display locations real-time for useful users. Although popular among teenagers today, this application also raises various conflicts because it is considered a fairly dangerous application and has the potential to be used by criminals or irresponsible people to be able to track the user’s location to carry out malicious actions.

Zenly Features:

  1. Chat

    Users can use the Zenly chat feature to exchange news or ask how their friends are when they are on their way to or from home.
  2. Check Friend’s Phone Battery

    The user can see what percentage of the theme phone’s battery is, this is one of Zenly’s unique and very interesting features in front of them.

  3. Know Friend’s Location

    Often we are curious about the location of our friends at that time. Are you at home, in a cafe, at school, or traveling to other places? This location search or monitoring feature is the main feature that this application has presented itself.

  4. Map View

    Zenly also offers several other views such as the map so that users don’t get bored with a map display that is just that – that’s all it looks like.

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